Products for sale

I have been adding my photos and other designs for sale to various sites. Most of them are listed below with brief description of them. Total amount of products is quite huge so I hope you will check these sites out and quite probably you will find something nice for you. I am adding new products continuously so I may have added something new after your last visit.

If you have any requests for products, please contact me!

Redbubble has very nice selection of different kinds of products. Most of the products are all over printed which is great about this platform. For designer Redbubble is the easiest to use and to add new products for old designs.
Spreadshirt has very many different kinds of shirts, but they are adding other kinds of products also. They have only few all over print products at the moment which is bit unfortunate.
Zazzle has the greatest amount of different products available for sale. Although quite often they are out of stock or discontinue items. As for the designer it is most complicated to create new products and they have annoying feature of removing designed products after certain time if it has not been looked by any customer.
Threadless has been dragging a bit behind with designs. Time to fix it up to date.
Teepublic is new one for me and I will add my designs here next. There will be discount for first few days of each design!
Fine Art America specializes in art prints. Lately it has added a lot of different kinds of products.
Teespring is another new one for me. It is curretly changing it's name to Spring.
Society6 is yet another new one for me. S6 has very interesting selection items available like for example tables and curtains.